Web Components with Knockout JS

Architecting large Single Page Applications with Knockout.js

This talk is about experiences of building large SPAs and maintaining them over time. In part, I’ll demonstrate pros and cons of various technology choices, such as TypeScript, Grunt, and AMD module optimisers. In part, I’ll demonstrate some Knockout.js-specific techniques, such as the new and powerful “components” feature that improves maintenance, testability, and runtime performance.

Thoughts on VIM

HTML5DevConf David Arel, BellyCard: Accelerate your Mobile Application with the GPU

Published on Jul 11, 2014 Hardware Acceleration is the act of utilizing hardware to perform tasks faster than it is possible to perform in Software.

CSS3 Introduced a way to hackishly offload some of our visual rendering tasks that had previously been performed by the CPU, to the fast-and-furious GPU. While overtime many engineers have begun to utilize hardware acceleration, many still don’t understand the full potential, especially in mobile.

This presentation is a behind-the-browser introduction to the GPU, and the performance enhancements it can provide mobile applications.

The Offline Web

Dale Harvey presents The Offline Web. Scotch on the Rocks 2014, Edinburgh.

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